5 Moving Tips for Dog Owners

Moving isn’t just stressful for you. It is also very stressful for your dog, who will have no clue what is going on. The stress of moving can be very damaging to dogs, and cause them to have behavioral problems, make “accidents” on the floor, and even cause health issues. Here are some simple tips which can make moving easier for your dog.

Think Like a Dog!
Take a moment to think about the moving experience from your dog’s point of view. What do you think would be most stressful? What steps could be done to alleviate the stress?

Research the New Neighborhood
Before you move, take a bit of time to learn about the new neighborhood. Find out where the nearest dog parks are, what the local laws are about keeping your dog on a leach, sand if there are any dog-friendly places in the area.

Is Your Dog’s Brand of Food Available?
Dogs should have their brand of food switched gradually by slowly adding in the new food while reducing the old food. You won’t be able to do this if your dog’s brand of food isn’t available. Call local stores to check that they have your dog’s food. If not, make plans to switch the food – such as switching before the move or bringing along a lot of your dog’s old food brand.

Don’t Toss Toys
It can be tempting to toss those old doggie toys and just replace them at the new home. But, it is better to hold onto at least some of the doggie toys. First off, you aren’t going to have time to go shopping for new dog toys right away (no matter how much you think you will be able to do this!). You don’t want to be left without any balls or chew toys for your dog during this stressful time. Further, your dog will be comforted by having some familiar items in the new place.

Keep Doggie Smells
Dogs rely on their sense of smell much more than we do. It can help comfort them to have familiar smells around. So, don’t wash their doggie toys yet or their carrier blankets. You may also want to put a smelly shirt of yours in the dog carrier and by the doggie bed in the new home so your dog has a familiar smell.

Guide to Professional Moving Company Services

Are you moving to a new home? Moving companies don’t just do the heavy lifting and driving anymore. Now, you can find moving companies which help with all aspects of a move. Here are some of the top moving services you should know about before planning your move.

Packing Services

Many moving companies are flexible about their packing services. This means that you don’t have to hire them to pack up everything. You can have the movers just pack up 1 room (kitchens are particularly tough to pack), or just pack up fragile items, or come over the day before the move to finish packing anything you didn’t get to.

Storage Services

Most moving companies offer storage service in case you can’t move into your new home right away. However, few moving companies actually have their own storage facility. They simply rent space at a 3rd party facility. Make sure you understand where the facility is located, its security, and conditions. If possible, go check out the storage facility yourself.

Large Item Moving

Have an item like a piano or pool table? Some moving companies will be able to move these. More often though, the moving company will hire a 3rd party service which specializes in the task.You might be able to save money by hiring your own specialist to move the item – but it is also less of a hassle to just have the moving company arrange for the services.

Furniture Disassembly/Reassembly

This service is commonly offered by moving companies. You usually don’t even have to tell them ahead of time. Just be warned that each moving company charges for furniture disassembly/reassembly differently. With local moves, it just might be counted with the normal hourly rate. Or it may be an extra fee. Be sure you understand the costs so you can determine whether it makes more sense to take furniture apart yourself or have the pros do it.